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Colonia Outreaches

Bringing the gospel to some of the most desperate neighborhoods in the city through kids programs, dramas, workshops and evangelistic crusades.

Missionary Jim Elliot said, “The will of God is always a bigger thing than we bargain for, but we must believe that whatever it involves, it is good, acceptable and perfect.” “Whatever it involves!” That seems to be the big question as we started this missionary journey to make a difference in the heart of Central Mexico. God led us to Leon Guanajuato Mexico to fulfill his good, acceptable, and perfect will. His will started with building a church, and along the journey of building a church, opportunity after opportunity presented itself. His will for Central Mexico slowly began to include outreach to the broken, the hungry, those who are living in extreme poverty. It included outreach to families torn apart by drugs, alcohol, and violence. It included the rescue of kids living in the streets, kids abandoned, abused, and violated. And it continues to drive us to do more in making a lasting difference in some of the most troubled neighborhoods in the city. His will included opening a ministry training center to prepare men and women to reach their neighborhoods, their cities, their country, and even preparing them to go to the uttermost reaches of the world. A “Tree of Life” (Arbol de Vida) to a lost and hurting world.

Loving God, Loving People.

Our Mission

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